Maize Starch

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Maize starch is a cereal starch having low ash and protein content. It does not thin down appreciably during the process of sizing or any other application where thick emulsion paste is required. This has an added advantage over a root starch such as tapioca or a potato starch. Maize starch is transformed into a very smooth paste within an hour or even lesser time under pressure cooking. As the foaming is usefully associated with high pH it is not necessary to add any of the anti foaming agents while working with maize starch' because pH of the Maize Starch paste is always maintained in the neutral range. In addition to this the starch is easily dispersed in hydrophilic media when the product is immersed in.

Pharmaceutical Application
Maize Starch BP is specially manufactured for the. pharmaceutical Industry. The major use of starch in pharmaceutical formulation is as a binder & filler for tablets & capsules, coating and dusting media for various type of coating such as sugar and entric coating. It is widely accepted in the areas of dry granulation techniques where the active ingredients are hygroscopic and is difficult to dry after wet binding. Maize Starch has proved as an efficient dry binder!

Why Maize Starch
Maize Starch BP is specially treated to control the bio-Load mainly Total viable counts [TVC], yeast, Mould and Gram -ve bacteria. The controlled bio-Load facilitates the end user to improve their end product as the above mentioned bacterial contamination affects the shelf life of the product, especially in the case of antibiotic and vitamin formulations.

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