Liquid Glucose

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Characteristics Specifications
Moisture content & 14
Solid % 78 to 86% [as per customer need]
Sulphated Ash ( Max ) 0.3
pH of 5% Solution 4 to 5.5
pH of 50% solution at 25⁰ C 4.5 to 5.5
Reducing sugar by weight (DE) 40 to 45
SO2 ppm 450ppm max ( 50 ppm Max. for Pharma Grade)
Arsenic (Max) 1.00 ppm
Copper (Max) 5.00 ppm

Shelf Life: 3 years

Storage: Keep in a tightly closed container, stored in a cool, dry, ventilated area. protect against physical damage.

Uses & Application Of Liquid Glucose:

  • Liquid Glucose contains dextrin, which retards the process of crystallization. This is an advantageous factor in number of applications in manufacturing food products like jam, jellies, chewing gums, canned fruits etc. The primary purpose of using glucose in making Jams and jellies is to prevent their cane sugar ingredient from crystallizing, which is ensured by the presence of dextrin in the glucose syrup. In addition to this, glucose syrup prevents spoilage of the product without unduly increasing its sweetness.
  • In confectionery, the addition of cane sugar presents two main disadvantages: Firstly it lacks good keeping qualities, being susceptible to crystallization and consequent hardening. Secondly, it has the excessive sweetness of an all-cane confection. Corn syrup being a non-crystallizing substance with less sweetness, very successfully produces a homogenous and palatable confection. Depending upon the character of the goods involved, 20% to 50% of the cane sugar can be replaced with corn syrup. In India, hard candies are often made entirely out of the glucose syrup, without adding cane sugar.
  • In ice-cream, the use of corn syrup has definite advantages. It not only prevents cane sugar crystallization but also imparts a smoother texture. Cane sugar can be replaced up to 25%, without materially changing the properties of the ice-cream. Corn syrup is used extensively for manufacturing various syrups, either as a base or an ingredient. It is used in the preparation of number household syrups and for artificial honey.
  • Corn syrup is used in commercial bakeries for pie and cream filling in large quantities. Here, Corn syrup gives body, bulk and sweetness, its non-crystallizing and hygroscopic qualities help to keep the finished product in soft condition.
  • Corn syrup is used in the preparation of chewing tobacco to impart flavour and to promote desirable texture and keeping qualities. [t is also used for flavouring and dressing tobacco for cigarettes.
  • Adding 5% to 10% corn syrup to shoe polish prevents caking and also results in a quicker and better shine. The action of glucose in tanning gives pliability and weight to the leather.
  • In the chrome process glucose syrup is used because of its reducing action. This causes the chrome to be precipitated into the body of the leather. Approximately 5% of the weight of the finished leather is introduced in the form of sugar.

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