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Science and its application has been a great boon for mankind. But we should always keep in mind that too much use of anything can be and many times is dangerous for us. This can be handled with proper knowledge. There are a wide variety of products on which we depend on our day to day life. We use them to our full satisfaction. While doing this, little do we realize how very harmful the product can be to us. The reason being overuse and misuse of the gifts of science as a result of many years of research - The Chemicals .

The Chemicals have become an important part of our lives. Many times we do not even realize how very harmful they may be for our body and skin. They harm us when we use them crossing their recommended limits or the fields where they are not to be used. They may even react with our body or mind and the results may be unexpected. Sometimes mild and sometimes very severe. But often we are at a loss of what to do and how to do. But today education and knowledge of some basic facts have unfolded many facts and secrets. We have remedies to our daily problems very close to us - Nature! If we use the produce of nature without adding nothing or little to them, then certainly we will be rewarded with a healthy body, mind and soul.

Pure Cold Pressed Oils, Essential Oils and a few more are extracts of nature in raw form and hence have a very good quantity of essential vitamins and nutrients which will certainly be good for our body and soul. The results are visible to us within a few days or weeks! But again we should know how to use these gifts of nature properly for maximum benefit.

Cold Pressed Oil

Essential Oil

Few Considerations

  • Not all essential oils are considered safe for the use of pregnant or nursing women, so please consult with a physician prior to use.
  • Always be sure to conduct an allergy test before applying any essential oils or carrier oils to your skin. To perform an allergy test, simply apply a couple drops of oil to the back of your hand and wait a couple hours to see if any adverse reactions occur.
  • Most essential oils are too potent to use directly on your skin, especially the delicate skin on your face. Be sure to always blend any essential oil with your favorite carrier oil.
  • Finally, when purchasing essential oils, be sure that you are buying 100% pure organic essential oils from a reputable seller. Discount essential oils may contain fillers and contaminants, which may not only dilute the benefits of the oil, but may contain harmful toxins as well.
  • Be careful and enjoy!
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